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Your racing school in Thuringia

Enjoy sport and community
Promote the performance of young riders

Showing the youngsters what they are capable of and promoting their willingness to perform

We are very happy to be there for our  riders who are interested in the competition or just want to get more out of themselves. Everyone who likes to ride in the bike park and has good jumping experience is welcome to our weekly training program.

We offer interested children and young people goal- oriented training in order to recognize their potential and promote their talent. With unforgettable bike experiences, they have the opportunity to make friends and develop as athletes.


  • 9x training sessions from June to September

  • Various training locations such as Oberhof and Steinach (further destinations are planned) 

  • Age groups from U13 - U19, younger or older interested parties are also welcome on request

  • Competition-oriented training for downhill and enduro racers

  • Tips and advice on healthy eating 

  • Race support by our on-site trainers (in Thuringia)

  • Training plans for strength and endurance basics


  • offer the youngsters performance-based training

  • regional team building

  • Discovering and promoting talent

  • Developing social skills as an athlete, such as teamwork, a sense of responsibility, self-assessment and fair play

  • sporting success but not at any price

  • The children and young people should keep enjoying the sport and be happy to go to training


  • committed trainers who are themselves active in the races

  • real role models for the young riders

  • We are always in a good mood and attach great importance to treating each other with respect and trust

  • Stimulate, animate, mindful, lead and applaud. These are the five "A's" that our trainers use to orient themselves

  • "Safety First" the trainer always ensures safe training conditions 

Racement Renn Kalender 2022



The new project "Your racing school in Thuringia" is particularly close to my heart. Discovering talent is one side, offering opportunities to exploit their potential is the other.


Well, just like in football or winter sports, I would like to offer support for the youngsters in our trend sport.

As a former competitive judo athlete and downhill athlete in international racing, I know how important it is to take the kids and young people by the hand in our sport. 

It is a great pleasure for me to pass on my experiences as an athlete and my knowledge as a trainer to the young bikers. 


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