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from November to the end of March


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The green island of La Palma, also called Isla Bonita, is one of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic. Your landscape shines with an incredible variety of different vegetation zones and gigantic rock formations. It is also said that eternal spring prevails on La Palma, thanks to the average annual temperature of 20.3 degrees. You can expect rainforests in the northwest, volcanic landscapes in the south and impressive pine forests in the west. With an altitude difference of up to 2426 meters, you can look forward to long trail fun down to the sea.


If you are looking for nature trails on unique surfaces such as volcanic sand, lava rock or old riverbeds, you have come to the right place. The island offers you everything your biker's heart desires, from flowing, fast trails in the east, sand surfing in the south to technically demanding, blocked terrain (S3). 

We inspire you every day with a new trail character that will challenge you. Of course, every tour has a bit of history and we will show you the local culinary specialties. Whether it's flowing trails in the east or sandy lines in the south, it's absolutely amazing what you'll experience on the island with your bike.

Profil: Willkommen

November - March 

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Laislabonita Guia

La Palma Guide

The Isla Bonita Guide takes you to my best recommendations on the island. Whether you need a rental car, are looking for a good restaurant or want to go swimming on a beautiful beach, the guide will take you to the right places super quickly.

Bike Station 

Emotion Cycling La Palma

Emotion Cycling La Palma is our partner on the island if you want to rent a bike or if you need wear parts. The bikes are always from the current year and in perfect condition. You can rent everything here, from enduro mountain bikes to e-bikes and gravel bikes.

Kitesurfing School

Kitesurfing La Palma

Ronny's balance to biking is kite surfing. Our friend Fabio has a kitesurfing school on La Palma. You can take trainer lessons from him and rent all the necessary equipment. Ronny also gives courses at the kitesurfing school. So if you are planning your vacation on the island for a longer period of time and are looking for an alternative to biking, we have just the right thing for you.


A beautiful Hawaiian style apartment complex. You feel like in paradise. Convince yourself. Aloha La Palma is located near Puerto Naos.

Reiki treatment

A Reiki treatment will ensure your energetic balance and strengthen your self-healing powers according to Dr. Mikao Usui.

Massage La Palma

massage treatment

Do you need a massage after the strenuous days of touring? Here you are exactly right. I would be happy to arrange an appointment there. Perfect for your break day.

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